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This year, we cast off for a swanky and spirited celebration of Jack’s birthday, with a nod to the daring tales of pirates (inspired by his current binge series, One Piece). While familiarity with pirate lore isn't necessary, a love of adventure, sea, and sand, is required!

One Piece
Dress Code: Nautical Chic

Feel free to don a touch of pirate flair or simply dress to impress in your summer best. Find some inspiration by clicking the pics here on the left!

Festivities May or May Not Include
(You Get to Vote):
  • Photo Booth (required at any party Sarah Schreck has a hand in)

  • Karaoke sesh

  • Dinner at the house or a local restaurant

  • Drinks at home or a bar stop/crawl

  • Beach time for chilling or playing games, possibly a bonfire

  • A group hike at sunset

  • A movie night

  • Putt putt golf

  • Pool time - maybe even with some mermaid tails and underwater cameras

  • Going out in general to see what Montauk has to offer

  • Do we rent this boat and split the cost fr? >:)

Kindly RSVP here by Monday, July 1st 

Your presence is key to navigating the high seas of fun and making this birthday voyage a memorable treasure!

We eagerly await your company,

<3 Sarah and Jack

You're cordially invited...

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