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Hi, I'm Sarah

I seek to contribute to the well-being of humanity through the connective power of artistic and interactive storytelling.

After graduating with degrees in advertising, theatre, writing, and a masters degree of arts management, I've been discovering new ways to manifest my love of storytelling, performance, and design. My work takes me from the nonprofit arts community of Pittsburgh to the production studios of Hollywood, and back again. My goal is to support products and services I believe in with a steadfast creative spirit.

Outside of work, you can typically find me on long walks in the park, dancing to disco in the gym, rock climbing, and shouting out cartoon trivia, unprompted.

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The story goes like this.

I was born near Orlando, Florida, in 1995, one day after the debut of Pixar's Toy Story in cinemas (earlier that year, Pochahontas and the ever-favorite of mine, A Goofy Movie). You might expect that a girl growing up in theatre camps and living forty minutes away from the place where "dreams come true" to be quite taken with the idea of magical storytelling, and you'd be right. 


I was fascinated by what happened backstage, or behind the scenes. I led my playgroup's performance efforts, choreographing toddler cabarets, and filming them on my Barbie VHS camcorder. I religiously re-watched the bonus features of animated movies. My coming-of-age at thirteen looked like lecturing my parents on the narrative influence of Howard Ashman. I even went to a Q&A featuring George Scribner, director of Oliver and Company, perhaps alarming him with my specific question about a prank memo sent in the mid-1980s.

Don't worry, I'm not all Disney, all the time (my surname is Schreck, after all) - It was just the best target for interrogation into what storytelling meant, from the parks, to movies, to marketing strategy. I would go on to pursue degrees in advertising and public relations, theatre studies, with minors in screenwriting and performing arts administration, at the University of Central Florida.


The rest of the world was calling by the time I graduated, and I moved to Pittsburgh to attend the Masters of Arts Management program at Carnegie Mellon.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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